Without Walls Grant Applications

Application Criteria:

Before applying for potential funding from the Without Walls we would appreciate it if you would carefully consider the aims and values of the organisation as listed below.


Our purpose is to:

Encourage the development of affordable community provision for children, youth, families and the elderly, by working in partnership with local bodies
Enable those in areas of relative deprivation to benefit from new experiences which they would otherwise be unable to afford
Foster relationships between generations to promote community cohesion.


We believe in the importance of every individual and in empowering people to live with dignity and self-respect
We maintain that personal and community change can be influenced for the good by the actions of dedicated individuals and organisations.
We will engage closely with such individuals, organisations and groups so as to forward our core aims.
We pledge that all funds will be used to achieve the most effective results in accordance with our core aims.

If you would like to discuss a possible grant for your community project then in the first instance contact Chris McCann (mccannc14@hotmail.com) or download, fill out and send him the attached application form.

Without Walls Funding Application PDF Download Click Here

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