St Justus Church

St Justus is located in Rochester and is part of the Parish of Rochester.  The Church has it’s own web site that can be found at the folllowing web site:

As with all the Parish Churches, St Justus carries out services such as Weddings; Christening and Funerals.

The History of St Justus Church

Following the development of the St William’s Way area and the Warren Wood estate from 1947 – 1955, it was decided that a new church should be planted ‘to serve the spiritual interests of the area. Prior to this local Anglicans had attended either St Margaret’s Church or St Peter’s Church in Rochester. The initial decision was taken on 21st January 1955, and for some time a few people gathered for worship in a hut in Fleet Road, now occupied by Hybrid Close. This was known as ‘Little St Margaret’s’ and became the root for many later members of St Justus. On 3rd September 1955, the foundation stone of St Justus Church in its newly created parish, was laid, and consecration took place on 9th November 1956. The funds were provided as part of the diocesan ‘church extension’ initiative, part being a grant, with the balance in the form of a ten year loan. Soon the congregation expanded and it was hoped that it would be necessary to build the south aisle, which was allowed for by the provision of a temporary wall. With the building of the adjacent Church Hall out of the diocesan grant, a full range of youth and adult activities were instigated.

The 1960s saw a general decline in Church attendance, to which St Justus was no exception. With numbers reduced, it was tempting to maintain the existing status, but the parish agreed to go forward in faith. As a sign of this, and whilst facing an uncertain future, it was agreed to cease all fund raising activities so that resources could be chanelled into worship and service, a very successful policy. During the great storm on 16th October 1987, the building collapsed, possibly due to the temporary wall being unable to take the full force of the wind, thus causing the roof fall. The building had to be demolished. The fellowship continued to worship in the Church Hall until the end of 1990, and then moved to Warren Wood Primary School to enable the site to be developed. On 3rd September 1990, exactly thirty-five years after the laying of the foundation stone of the first church, work officially started on the replacement building, with the foundation stone of the new church building being laid on 10th November 1990 – St Justus Day. Insurance proceeds, the sale of the Hall, and a diocesan grant, covered the costs. The new complex, dedicated to the glory of God by the Bishop of Rochester on 14th September 1991, now occupies the position of the old church in The Fairway. Spinnaker Court has been built where the Church Hall formerly stood.


St Justus Church
The Fairway
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